Sean McColl

"I'm addicted to competitions and climbing and always pursuing the next step!"

First Name:Sean
Family Name:McColl
Date of Birth:03.09.1987
Domicile:Vancouver (Canada)
How did I first get into climbing? 

I love the sport because there are so many different ways to climb. I can't decide whether to boulder, or lead climb. At the moment, I choose competing because I won't be able to compete at my current level in 10 years. I love the feeling of moving on rocks.

What are your goals? 

Compete at the Olympics for Canada.

Help evolve competition climbing in Canada to the level of the European federations.

My Top 3


  • Winner of Boulder + Lead World Cups
  • 3-time Open World Champion, 5-time Jr. World Champion
  • Only person in history to come top-8 in every World Cup discipline (lead, boulder, speed)


  • Dreamcatcher 9a, Squamish (Canada)
  • Big Paw 8c, Chironico (Switzerland)


  • Soccer
  • Piano
  • Video Games

My Mammut

Mammut means to me:
An opportunity, a sponsor, a friendship.

My Mammut products:

  • Realization Shorts
  • Mammut Boulder Pants
  • Mammut stuffed animal