Denis Burdet

"I was born on skis in Château-d'Oex."

First Name:Denis
Family Name:Burdet
Date of Birth:30.01.1971
How did I first get into mountain climbing? 

I first discovered climbing and the mountains with a friend of my mother's who was a mountain guide. As I was born on skis in Château-d'Oex, I was no stranger to skiing, and climbing more specifically with my friends in the area. For expeditions, it's simply a desire to explore and discover everything...

What are your goals? 

I've already notched up quite a few, but I'm always fascinated by long free routes at high altitude. Greenland, or going back to the Himalayas for summits like the Trango group.

My Top 3


  • first onsight of "divine providence" on Mont Blanc
  • new route in the Himalayas on Thalay Sagar "Harvest Moon"
  • first expedition, new route on Baffin Island "Inukshuk" on Mt Asgard

Top 3 areas

  • Trango Tower (Pakistan)
  • Mont Asgard (Canada)
  • Ulamertorssuaq (Groenland)


  • Reading
  • Cinema

My Mammut

Mammut means to me:
Quality and versatility

My Mammut Products:

  • Eisfeld High GTX® Men
  • 8.7 Serenity Dry
  • PULSE Barryvox