Alpine rucksacks


  •  Classic alpine tours
  • Mountain climbing
  • Ice tours
  • Expeditions
  • Depending on the volume and design, also: ski tours, multipitch rock climbing routes, fixed rope routes or as a transport bag for indoor climbing 


  • Extremely robust for a long useful life under extreme conditions
  • Light weight (empty backpack weighs around 1 kg to 1.8 kg)
  • Flexible back constructions to allow the required freedom of movement of the upper body
  • Volume of around 28 to 55 l
  • Narrow shape to avoid getting caught on rock spurs or when climbing chimneys, for great freedom of movement of the arms
  • Mainly top loaders, accessed from above via a flap, robust and ideally suited for multipitch routes
  • One-chamber construction or sometimes two-chamber construction for larger volumes (bottom compartment can be accessed separately, removable intermediate floor)
  • Rope attachment loop below the flap


  • Integrated aluminium frame for optimal load transfer and stability
  • Height-adjustable flap with internal and exterior pocket
  • 2 ice tool/ice axe attachments
  • Side ski carrier
  • Compression straps can be tensioned at the side or the front
  • Upper load control straps
  • Daisy chain loop (gear loops)
  • Rope fixing strap under the flap
  • Removable, padded hip belt
  • Second hip belt in the flap pocket for climbing Hydration system-compatible 

Backpacking rucksacks


  • Multi-day and long trekking routes carrying a heavy load (10 to 35 kg),  on and beside paved tracks 
  • Very comfortable to carry thanks to the ergonomic padding
  • Good load transfer on the hips to carry loads for long periods without fatigue
  • High volumes with good variability and divisible storage area
  • Very robust
  • Volumes of around 55 + 15 to 85 + 15 l
  • Weight of the empty rucksack around 2 to 2.9 kg depending on the carrying system
  • Slightly wider and deeper shape to accommodate packing volumes, without being too long and extending too far above the head
  • Top loader (with flap, packed from above)
  • Two-chamber construction (bottom compartment can be accessed separately, removable intermediate floor) 
  • Integrated aluminium frame for optimal load transfer and stability
  • Back length adjustment
  • Height-adjustable flap pocket
  • Removable bottom compartment
  • Side pockets for bottle/tent poles
  • Hip belt pockets
  • Attachments for walking sticks
  • Compression straps can be tensioned at the side or the front
  • The compression straps for the bottom compartment can also be used to carry gear
  • Hydration system-compatible

Hiking rucksacks


  • For typical 1 - 2 day hikes with a light to medium load (up to 15 kg) on forest trails, paved tracks or paths.
  • Good ventilation for the back to reduce the build-up of perspiration, ensuring a pleasant body climate
  • Low to medium load transfer on the hips
  • Lightweight materials to suited intended use
  • Volumes of around 18 to 40 l
  • Weight of empty backpack approx. 0.8 kg - 1.45 kg
  • Wider and deeper shape at the bottom for better load balance point
  • Panel loader (opened from the front using a zip) or top loader (with flap, packed from above)
  • One-chamber or two-chamber backpack construction with separately accessible bottom compartment, removable intermediate floor
  • 2 side pockets for bottles or small items
  • Attachments for walking sticks
  • Integrated, removable rain cover
  • Lateral compression straps, can also be tensioned at the front to carry gear.
  • Hydration system-compatible

Climbing rucksacks


  • Holds everything you need for the climbing wall: an intelligent, expert transport solution for sports and hall climbers that leaves nothing to chance.


  • Clever organisation of equipment
  • Large access openings to the main compartment
  • Low load transfer to the hips
  • Durable materials, adapted to the application
  • Volumes from 20 to 45 litres
  • Weight of the empty backpack around 0.39 to 1.25 kg
  • Wide shape for better material handling


  • Anatomically shaped padded back
  • Anatomically shaped, padded shoulder straps with soft, moisture-transporting stretch fabric cover.
  • Front zip pocket

Multifunction backpacks

With its separate laptop compartment, the Xeron series is designed for everyday use, but is also ideal for weekend hikes.


  • Volumes 18 l - 30 l
  • Empty weight approx. 550 g - 800 g
  • Features and design for everyday use


  • Laptop compartment
  • Mesh side pockets
  • Front zipper compartment with organizer compartments
  • 3D EVA foam back
  • Soft padded shoulder strap

 Xeron Shake
Xera Shake
Xeron Twist
Xeron Flip
Xera Flip
Xeron Element
Via Ferrata 
Multipitch Rock Climbing 
Sport Climbing


Alpine Performance

Alpine Performance backpacks are aimed at active mountaineers looking for sporting challenges and seeking to constantly improve their abilities. In other words, people who want to move fast without being weighed down. The MTR line is uncompromisingly light, highly breathable and sits securely against the body.


  • Very light materials for low empty weight and high breathability.
  • Close-fitting design for maximum comfort and freedom of movement even during strenuous activities
  • Weight of empty backpack 215 g – 900 g
  • Volume: 7 l - 32 l


  • Hydration-system-compatible
  • Side pocket for water bottles- Reflectors
  • Zipper pockets for small items

MTR 201

  • Hydration system tube with attachment to ensure a secure position
  • Separately accessible hydration system
  • Bottle carrier
  • Front zip pocket compartment
  • Pole carrier
  • Side access to the main compartment without having to take the backpack off
  • VENtech™: Breathable, fast-drying materials
  • Reflective prints for added safety
  • Pocket with three compartments for small items
  • 2 mesh side pockets
  • Elastic front drawstring (bungee) to secure a jacket, for example
  • CONTACT Basefit™ suspension system: Very comfortable to carry and secure, stable position thanks to the precise BASEFIT fit


The Lithium series is designed for sports where light weight and speed count, for example multi-pitch climbing, ski touring and trail running. However, they are also suitable for hiking or indoor climbing

Lithia Z
Classical Alpinism  
Ski Touring  
Via Ferrata
Mulitpitch Rock Climbing
Sport Climbing
Trail Running
Nordic Walking 


Snow rucksacks

  • Classic one or multi-day routes
  • Freeriding


  • Sits close to the body with a deep balance that the backpacks sits on the body
  • Snow-repellent back covering materials
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to the ergonomic padding
  • Medium to good load transfer on the hips
  • Multi-variable carrying systems for skis and snowboards
  • Volumes of around 14 to 45 l
  • Weight of empty rucksack around 0.65 to 1.77 kg
  • Panel loader, opened wide from the front using the zip
  • Safety-Pocket for safety equipement


Backpacks designed for women

For women

Differences in male and female body shapes make specific women’s models an essential requirement. For short tours carrying a small backpack, a unisex backpack may still be acceptable for a woman. However, for longer day trips or if carrying more than a few kilos, a woman’s backpack is strongly recommended. Every additional kilo of load clearly illustrates the anatomical differences between men and women in the form of discomfort.Since women’s backs are generally shorter than men’s, the back length of the suspension systems in the women’s models is shorter. The shoulder straps are narrower and are shaped around the chest. In contrast to the unisex or men’s models, in the women’s versions this helps to prevent pressure points on the shoulders and chest area. The straps are also closer together to ensure that they sit securely on the shoulders and cannot slip to the sides. Last but not least, the hip belt has a distinctive bevelled shape, tailored to women’s narrow waists.