Frequently asked questions

General questions

When is the liquidation sale at Mammut’s headquarters in Seon?

The next sale will have the following opening hours:
Thursday, 29.06.17, 10.00 - 20.00
Friday, 30.06.17, 10.00 – 20.00
Saturday, 01.07.17, 09.00 – 17.00

What should I do in the event of a warranty claim or a repair?

Purchased in a sports or Mammut store

Please return your product to the store in which you have bought it. Otherwise bring it to your closest Mammut dealer or store. The dealer will then contact Mammut and initiate all further steps.

For further details please check Warranty and repair

Where can I submit general enquiries or criticisms relating to products?

You can use our contact form to do this.

Why can’t I find a certain Mammut item on the Mammut website?

You may be looking for an item from a previous season. Our website displays the latest summer or winter collection.

What does Mammut do to protect the mountain environment?

Discover the areas in which Mammut takes responsibility.

Where does the name Mammut come from?

Why “Swiss technology” when not all products are produced in Switzerland?

"The Mammut Sports Group produces in Switzerland where it`s economically viable. This includes all Mammut climbing ropes, slings and webbing, the PULSE Barryvox® avalanche transceiver and small series of specialist alpine boots. As a result of economic development, it is only possible to produce niche products from the textiles and footwear sector in Switzerland.
Thanks to our product managers, designers and developers, with one prototype seamstress for both merchandise and clothing and a cutting technician, we can develop and test many products in Seon, responding immediately to any defects. The country of production is stitched clearly on each product in large letters and there is no Swiss cross or the name “Switzerland” on the product. We also place great emphasis on maintaining high social and ecological standards in the factories that produce for us.
We are proud of the fact that over the last few years the Mammut Sports Group has managed to create a significant number of new jobs. The Mammut Sports Group employs more than 250 people in Switzerland, with half of this number recruited over the past ten years. We believe that this achievement is the result of our differentiated production policy, adapted in sufficient time to economic conditions."

Why do I find no more Raichle shoes?

Raichle became Mammut. Mammut’s new footwear is Mammut on the outside and Raichle on the inside - alpine expertise combined with 100 years of shoemaking tradition. Concentrating on one brand creates valuable synergies in marketing and sales, strengthening our market presence as a whole. The relaunch of the Mammut footwear collection, together with Raichle’s 100-year anniversary, represents a unique opportunity for strong growth in the footwear area.

Does Mammut have an online shop?

No, Mammut does not have an online shop in your country. Please visit your nearest mountain sports or Mammut store. To locate your nearest dealer, use our dealer locator.

Questions about our product

How is the safety and functionality of Mammut ropes checked?

Using a unique rope testing system in Switzerland and a whole range of additional quality tests. Whoever entrusts their life to a Mammut rope has every right to expect the very highest standards of quality. We are fully committed to this requirement. All our ropes are produced in Switzerland. Every day, Mammut processes enough polyamide to go right around the world.

More information about Mammut ropes is available here.

How should I care for/wash my Mammut products?

Full details can be found in our care tips section.

Which size fits me?

To find the right fit of your personal Mammut clothes please take a look at our sizing tables.

What is the difference between a hard shell and a soft shell jacket?

To learn about the difference click the following link.

The hood is missing from my jacket.

Hoods are usually tucked away in the napoleon pocket, beside the main zip. If there is no hood or if you have lost it please proceed as described below:

Purchased in a sports or Mammut store

Please return your jacket to the store in which you have bought it. Otherwise bring it to your closest Mammut dealer or store. They will send it back to us and we will fit the hood as part of the guarantee. If you have lost your hood our dealers and stores will inform you about your options and costs.

Why do I need to register my Barryvox avalanche transceiver?

It allows us to provide you with information about the latest firmware (software updates). Furthermore we can inform you about new trends and insights of avalanche prevention. To register your PULSE Barryvox® click here.

Are Mammut backpacks waterproof?

No. All Mammut backpacks are produced from materials with a waterproof coating. However, due to the seams and needle holes the finished product cannot be completely waterproof. It is not possible to produce a 100% waterproof item. However, many Mammut backpacks have an integrated rain cover, which can also be purchased separately.

Is it possible to stitch tears in the GORE-TEX® membrane?

No. GORE-TEX® membranes are sealed using a special process. Mammut owns the only machine in Switzerland that is capable of carrying out this kind of repair. Please contact your nearest mountain sports dealer.

Does Mammut sell an adhesive repair set to repair garments with membranes?

We believe that our items merit professional repair. We therefore offer a repair service for faulty items in our internal workshop.