Good corporate governance is a prerequisite for a healthy and successful company. Mammut goes beyond regulatory requirements by committing to stricter voluntarily standards in the area of social and environmental corporate responsibiltiy.

Mammut informs in a regular and transparent manner about the commitment to Corporate Responsibility (CR), in particular via the company web site. Since 2009, we also publish a yearly CR report. This gives detailed and comprising insight into our CR approach as well as implemented measures implemented, achieved goals and existing challenges.

Since 1982 Mammut is integrated to the Conzzeta AG. Our parent company places equally high emphasis on transparent management structures and a culture of open communication. Conzzeta adheres to the principles of the "Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance" and implements them in accordance with its size and structure.

Management board

Dr. Oliver Pabst, CEO; Josef Lingg, Chief Supply Chain Officer; Stefan Merkt, Chief Sales Officer; Felix Kündig, Chief Financial Officer; Joachim Wallishauser, Chief B2C Officer; Matthias Hanny, Chief B2C Officer; Adrian Margelist, Chief Creative Officer.

About Dr. Oliver Pabst:
From 2006 he acted as member of the Board of Directors of Willy Bogner KGaA, Munich, and Chief Executive of various subsidiaries, with strategic and operational responsibility for the global business, retail operations and e-commerce. From 2002 to 2005 he acted as Managing Partner at Board & More, Montreux. Dr. Oliver Pabst started his career 1993 at McKinsey & Company in Zurich and serves as member of the Board of Directors at Bergfürst AG, Berlin, Leffers, Oldenburg and Avenso GmbH (LUMAS and WHITE WALL), Berlin.