Lámparas frontales

Features and technical details

Determination of light distance [in metres, m]:

To determine the light distance of a lamp, we find the distance to the lamp where the illuminance measured in the center of the beam equals 0,25 lux.

Determination of light duration [in hours, h]:

To determine the light duration of a lamp, we measure the time after which the illuminance in the center of the beam in 2 metres distance reaches 0,25 lux.


Our mission can be summed up by the words "light under control". The perfect combination of light medium, specially designed optics and highly efficient electronics directs light specifically and with no loss. Ensuring maximum performance in all applications, in terms of illumination, range and battery life. User-friendly operation, carefully designed functionality and reliability combined in an attractive design ensure that you are equipped for any situation and never left in the dark!

1) LED selection

Each of our high-quality LEDs has been selected for optimal performance, intended use and function.

2) Total Reflex Optics

Specially designed optics for each model, perfectly tailored to the light medium. Precision lenses concentrate the beam of light to best effect, ensuring maximum light values.

3) Efficient lighting technology

Highly efficient electronics and carefully designed functionality ensure ideal lighting at all times, making each Mammut headlamp a reliable companion on all outdoor activities.