Avalanche Safety

Safety first - better prepared for emergencies!

Airbags contra avalanchas

With the Airbag 3.0, we have succeeded in developing an airbag system that is reliable, while at the same time so small and light that you will barely notice it, even on long ski tours. You can find information about how it works, how to care for it and our range of services here.

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With the Barryvox series we offer top-quality avalanche transceivers. You can find information about how they work, how to care for them and our range of services here.

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Safety Center

Avalanche Safety Centers are Mammut Stores or partner stores that have specific avalanche safety expertise and stock a wider selection of products.

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Trainings & Workshops

Avalanche training is essential for anyone who goes off the prepared pistes and paths in the mountains during the winter months. You can find further information on our training centers, Snow & Safety Workshops and avalanche courses here. 

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Safety App

The Safety app helps you to prepare effectively for your ski tour and avoid dangerous situations. A risk check considering factors such as the level of danger, exposure and slope angle, and helps you assess the risk in your chosen location.

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Avalanche Basics

You can find out about the most important basics of planning ski tours and avalanche searches here.

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