Dani Arnold

"We had the biggest playground (the mountains) right outside our front door. Now I work in the mountains every day - a dream come true!"

First Name:Dani
Family Name:Arnold
Date of Birth:22.02.1984
How did I first get into mountain climbing? 

I grew up in the mountains. Taking the cable car to get to school shaped my character and created this fascination for the mountains.

What are your goals? 

To continue to be as motivated. It would be cool to apply all my skills to tackle a major project.

My Top 3


  • The Hurting XI / 11 (Mixed Route in Scotland)
  • Eiger North Face (Heckmaier Route) speed record in 2h 28min
  • Matterhorn North Face (Schmid Route) speed record in 1h 46min

Top 3 areas

  • Patagonien
  • Scotland
  • Chamonix


  • Everything revolves around mountain climbing.
  • But when I have free time, sometimes I'm also quite happy just doing nothing!