Daniel Arnold

Underwear test

"Great organisation, great activities, great filming - hats off!"
... this might sound like an advert, but it is actually a quote from Danielle, from Germany. Along with 200 other testers from all over the world, she met Mammut and our team athletes for an unforgettable weekend of fun, action and the big Mammut Alpine Underwear Test. Absolute alpine. Absolute fun!

The storybook

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Mammut fans become Mammut models. Good food, exciting stories, relaxing music – and a long night around the campfire. Undeterred, early the next morning, 200 incorruptible Alpine Underwear testers set out for the film shoot. On arrival at the top, the command was: take your clothes off! Down to your underwear. It took a great deal of patience to set up the line. Röbi Bösch, photographer, and Gabriel Peisker, Art Director, shouted out instructions from the sidelines. Everyone played their part with enthusiasm, apart from the weather. However, thanks to a combined effort of will, the clouds were banished. The result: 200 testers experienced for themselves why Mammut has developed Alpine Underwear specially for mountaineers.

Do you want to see how the event went and how the underwear line was created?