Daniel Arnold

The journey

Not for wimps! The routes and boulders of the Peak District near Sheffield in the north of England are the focus of the 2010 team trip. This area was made famous a few years ago by the male strip comedy “The Full Monty”. The first-class pro team, made up of Anna Stöhr, Alex Johnson, David Lama, Cédric Lachat, Magnus Midtbö and Jakob Schubert, will most likely be keeping their trousers on, but a whole lot of “hot stuff” is nonetheless guaranteed. Sheffield has long had a magical effect on climbers. It is not without reason that the area is regarded as the island's climbing capital. The cliffs of the high plateau of the Peak District offer countless climbing opportunities. The routes are mostly short, but often demanding and dangerous. You are only safe with friends and wedges or with bouldering mats. Hooks are a no-no in gritstone!

The Mammut team is being joined for a few days by a guest, Johnny Dawes, who knows the Peak District better than anyone. In the 80s and 90s, Johnny opened up some of the most difficult routes and boulders in the Peak District, which remain absolute highlights today and are only seldom repeated.
Mary Woodbridge on the other hand is better known from the mountaineering scene, as she undertook an Everest expedition several years ago with her dachshund Daisy. She also trained in the Peak District and will be supporting the athletes in the Mammut team.

In addition to the usual suspects Rainer Eder (photo) and Christoph Frutiger (camera), the whole adventure will also be captured for the first time by the remote-controlled camera helicopters from DediCam.

However, the city also has something to offer alongside or after climbing. A visit to the pub is a part of training almost as important as pull-ups on the bar. The Broadfield Pub is a legendary spot and climbers such as Jerry Moffatt and Ben Moon have already beaten a path to its door to discuss impressions and successes of the day and plan the next ascents.

  • 10.2 Supersafe Evo