Daniel Arnold

The journey

"No, it was in no way a holiday", says David Lama laughing about the Malaysia trip. At the beginning of February he set off with the bolting crew to Kuala Lumpur. Two weeks later the Sultanate of Perlis was two climbing areas richer and the bolting crew about 1,000 bolt hangers poorer, and the climbing elite wiser about a cultural highlight. 

The almost 100 new routes cover difficulties ranging from 5c to 8c+ (“Not for suckers”) or 9a (“Jungle fever”). In addition to the heat, Reini Scherer, David Lama and their local support had to fight against all kinds of natural obstacles such as swarms of flies, various types of ape excretions and snake phobias. Despite this, the routes were set out at proverbial breakneck speed.

After the arrival of the Mammut athletes, who were set to inaugurate the routes drilled by David and Reini, an audience with Sultan Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin was, however, on the programme first of all. He was so taken with climbing that he, along with his wife, scaled one of the routes himself and made his private helicopter freely available for the team in thanks for their welcome. In return, with the two climbing areas, his sultanate gained a tourist attraction that is certainly not to be underestimated.