Robert Boesch

The Biggest Peak Project in History



The jury will select the teams who will climb 150 summits around the world in the ultimate Test Event, with the support of professional mountain guides from the Mammut Alpine School. They will also be equipped with the anniversary collection and a visual and audio record will be made of their ascent.

The documented material will be updated regularly on each team's Peak Project web page.

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In the team building phase, as team leaders, the selected peak founders need to assemble their teams and plan the details of the tours. Each peak project has its own separate page to introduce the team.

To be part of a team, you need to apply to the team leaders via the Climbers’ Board, a kind of jobs exchange for mountaineers. The complete teams then need to present their projects to an expert jury. This jury will decide whether they should go forward to phase 3 of the ultimate Test Event.

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During the recruitment phase, Mammut fans had the chance to apply to become team leaders by creating a virtual mountain. After creating their peak, their next task was to find supporters among their friends and in the Community. Their supporters’ photos were then mapped on the mountains to make them grow to dizzying heights.

At the end of phase 1, the mountain founders with the highest peaks were selected from each country to go forward to the team building phase.

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