Daniel Arnold

Shooting report

The key visual photo shoot and test day for the new climbing products on 26 and 27 April 2010 were a complete success!
Despite our late arrival on the Friday evening, we received a very warm welcome from all “Mammuts”, both athletes and Mammut employees. The participants had travelled from all over the world to be there: Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Japan and Switzerland – a very varied mix of nationalities!

Since the weather was judged to be too bad for the photo shoot on the first day, we set off from our overnight base on the Klausen Pass directly to Ticino. This was the location for the product tests. The new products were presented and focus groups were then assigned to each product. I was one of the “shoe testers”. We all climbed intensively and tried give the most constructive feedback we could. The tests were great fun. The fact that we were working directly with the product managers gave us the perfect opportunity to exchange our opinions.

Back in the accommodation, a surprise was in store for us. A very classy and attractive restaurant awaited us for dinner. Instead of waiters, it was the product managers who served us with food and drinks. A supporting programme had also been planned: during the break, two funny clowns entertained us with some amazing tricks. Finally, feeling full and happy, we went off to bed, to be ready for the key visual photo shoot planned for the following day.

The alarm went off at 7 am. A time, as a student, that I don’t usually see… Snow shoes, poles, Barryvox and climbing harnesses were quickly distributed and we set off towards the Klausen Pass. After a snow shoe trek through the spring snow, we finally made it up to the site of the photo shoot. Against a spectacular backdrop, the ropes for the photo shoot were already in place. It was a case of “everyone in their positions”, and jumaring on the ropes began. Rudi fared worst. He had no jumar or grigri with him and instead had to struggle with the “Dutch jumar”, as Steph Siegrist described it. In the end, the nice Italian managed to climb up to us and Röbi Bösch could start the photo shoot.

It took an hour of adjusting our positions before everyone was at least looking in the same direction. By no means an easy feat, since the ropes were turning - taking us with them. Drips were also falling on us from above at times, making the whole experience a little uncomfortable. After that, it was "in the can" and we could start dismantling.

We then had to make our way back down safely in snow shoes, resulting in a few rather amusing falls. When we reached the bottom, it was already time for all participants to say goodbye and start their journeys back home.

Mammut Pro Team athlete Anna Stöhr