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Rope tests

Off to the experts’ meeting.
They came from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Japan, the USA, Slovenia and Italy. No journey was too long to prevent the top athletes from taking part in the Testevent on the Klausen Pass. The aim was to test the quality of Mammut climbing harnesses and highperformance ropes on the mountain and to shoot the new campaign photo.

The day began with a snowshoe tour through the soft spring snow. For a pure competition climber such as Yuka Kobayashi from Japan, this form of endurance sport was more like an ordeal than a tour. And it was not until the actual shooting location had been reached that real strength was required. The athletes climbed 30 meters of vertically hanging ropes using jumars until everybody had come to a stop in a horizontal line. Only after nearly two hours, when the last participant was in position, did the photographer Röbi Bösch snap the shot and thereby relieve the Mammut climbers. The new Mammut campaign photo shows that you can rely 100 % on your Mammut equipment in any situation.

Mammut Workshops - Mountains of work for athletes and developers.
A great deal of experience from the world’s best climbers has been incorporated in Mammut products. During this Testevent, for example, climbing harnesses and other equipment were thoroughly tested – and then discussed equally thoroughly with product managers. We appreciate the cooperation from our top athletes in the development of the products. Their experience and feedback are important to us. As a thank you, we invited all participants, after a long day, to a sevencourse meal served by Mammut employees for their athletes.

Interviews with our top athletes - Anna Stör, David Lama and Yuka Kobayashi

Hi Anna, what do you do when you’re scared?
Fear plays an important role in climbing. With concentration and motivation the fear disappears. A little fear, however, is also helpful!

Hi David, how much power can you generate when you press thumb and index finger of one hand together?
You cannot really measure this. But I have so much strength in my hand that you would be well advised not to put your fi ngers in between.

Salut Yuka, what do you like to eat and drink best when you do not have to worry about your climbing figure?
I love Japanese food, sushi, vegetables with soy sauce as well as spaghetti, omelettes and sweets. And my favourite drinks are grapefruit juice and cocoa.

During the summer of 2011, everything will be under the banner of verticalness at Mammut. Climbing is our passion and we want you to be part of it. Every week we will provide you with news about climbing in the Mammut Climbing Blog.

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