Thomas Senf

Boot control

Boot Control On The Kleines Kamel
Hot on the heels of the Mammut fans who traveled from all over Europe to Bernese Oberland to test our Alpine Underwear, we now turn to a team of professional mountain guides. Their Job: To test Mammut’s new mountain boots. The team of mountain guides assembled on a hellishly narrow ledge providing a spectacular setting for Mammut’s advertising campaign.

How could we do this? Watch our making-of movie here:

First came the search for a spectacular location. Our initial idea was the Pilz on the west flank of the Eiger, but a geological survey we had commissioned dissuaded us. We carried on looking, turning down both the Lobhörner and the Gspaltenhorn. It fi nally came down to the Kleines Kamel in the Furka region, using the Sidelen hut as an operational base. We needed to determine the proportions involved. Mammut team member Stephan Siegrist was dispatched up the Kamel pillar alone. After a thumbs-up from photographer Röbi Bösch and art director Gabriel Peisker it was time for the creative phase...

The storybook

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