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Synthetic fibre know-how

Best technology

With its self-developed MTI™ fillings, Mammut is the market and technology leader in Europe. Our fillings are distinguished by their top-class performance, robustness and durability. In an unused condition, conventional high-end and micro-fiber may exceed Mammut sleeping bags with regard to the weight-insulation ratio.  However, long-term use and repeated washing impairs the insulation capacity of MTI™ fillings far less than that of fillings based on other technologies.

MTI Technology - Ajungilak® Comfort Technology

When it comes to synthetic insulating materials, Mammut is still the market and technological leader with the Ajungilak Comfort Technology. We use only the best materials for our fiber mats, used in both sleeping bags and fiberfill jackets, and tailor their properties to the relevant application.

MTI™ – Multi Thermal Insulation

In contrast to OTI™ fillings and most competing materials, we produce our extremely homogeneous and durable MTI™ fillings ourselves. For our MTI™ fillings we use a mixture of different fibers, all with different properties in terms of insulation, compressibility and stability. We work these directly into the sleeping bags in a production line, without the use of any bonding fibers or glue.

OTI™ – Optimized Thermal Insulation

Our OTI™ fillings are used in sleeping bags as well as some clothing items. The distinguishing feature of this technology is the fact that individual properties can be specifically tailored to different applications.


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