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Pump Mats

Alors qu’en cas de crevaison, les matelas gonflables classiques pourraient mettre un alpiniste en danger de mort en haute montagne, la mousse EVA stratifiée assure un haut niveau de sécurité. Au niveau de la Safety Zone, un matelas Light Pump Mat EXP défectueux assure une isolation équivalente à celle d’un matelas autogonflant classique.


Hand pump
The mats can be pumped up in just a few seconds using the newly developed, built-in hand pump. There is no longer any risk of overinflating.

Thanks to the new valves, inflating the mat is now quick and easy. They can be completely deflated again just as quickly and are very easy to pack.

Fixing eyelet
The eyelet permits the secure fixing of the mat. This is particularly important in mountainous areas.

An additional cushion which can be inflated separately and has a special filling makes the Comfort Pump Mats even more welcoming when it´s time to sleep.

On the upper side, the mat possesses an internal PU Foam laminate which guarantees good insulation. This design not only reduces the weight but also means that the mat takes up very little room when packed.