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Standard test requirements

All Mammut harnesses fulfil the prescribed Euro-standards EN 12277 and the UIAA-standard for climbing harnesses. Our quality management, in accordance with ISO 9001, guarantees the same high production standards on every harness. That means you can rely on Mammut harnesses in every conceivable situation, on rock or on ice.  A look behind the scenes of the standards shows the tests which are relevant.


The Euro Norms have been especially tailored for products to be standardized. Therefore, a symbol is always accompanied by the number of the norm, (for harnesses EN 12277). Products which display the EU norm symbol fulfill the safety requirements and must have passed a production-sample test at a recognized test center.

CE-Conformity Symbol

This symbol shows that the manufacturer recognizes his own responsibility; it is not a quality symbol, but rather a type of passport for that product within the European Union. It means that the EN standards for product security are maintained. The number after the CE symbol (e.g. CE 1023) indicates the batch number or the standard/directive.


Products which display this symbol fulfill the requirement standards of the UIAA. The UIAA, the International Union of Alpine Associations, has for decades pioneered the development of practically oriented standards. Therefore, in most cases, the UIAA-standards are somewhat more stringent than the Euro standards. All Mammut harnesses fulfill the most recent UIAA requirements


The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) combines the united world-wide national normative organizations. The ISO Norm 9001 defines overall process rules for Quality Management. They maintain the continuous quality of products and services. Certifying is conducted by an external body for example the B.S.I.

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