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Mammut Special Features

It’s not only «Swiss quality» and one hundred percent dependability over a long life span which sets our harnesses apart. Our research engineers are continually developing innovative solutions that make Mammut harnesses «State of the Art», and which have earned us many awards in neutral tests in the past.

Anatomically shaped hip belts and leg loops

Women's hip belt / Men's hip belt

All Mammut climbing harnesses have been designed to fit the shape of the human body, to ensure that they sit correctly and to guarantee full freedom of movement. We also naturally make a distinction between men's and women's harnesses: the hip belts on the women's models are slightly more curved than those on the men's harnesses. Both the women's and the men's harnesses are therefore perfectly tailored to the wearer's anatomy. The leg loops on the women's harnesses are also slightly wider than on the men's versions, as well as an extended belay loop on the women's models.

The gender-specific design of Mammut's harnesses has been evaluated in extensive testing and practical trials by male and female Mammut athletes. All the testers agreed that the design of the Mammut harnesses opens up unlimited climbing pleasure.

Thermo-fixed webbing

The buckle webbings and the webbings on the leg loops are stabilised using a specially developed thermal process which significantly improves the durability of the webbing construction. This thermo-fixing process also significantly improves the handling properties of the webbing in comparison with traditional, untreated and soft webbing.

Seam technology

All relevant safety seams are continuously tested and optimised during the prototype phase. If the test results meet our high requirements – and only then – the developed seam images are saved. This guarantees the same high quality for every harness in a production series on our computer-controlled sewing machines.


The patented Protector protects the most sensitive areas on the harness from premature wear: the leg loop connection. Tests by alpine clubs and in our laboratory have shown that this area comes under great pressure as the result of the constant rubbing of the rope – when falling, through movement when hanging, and when abseiling. We are the first manufacturer to have developed protection for this wear-prone area: the Protector, a stable and abrasion-resistant plastic section integrated in the leg loop connection. Not only does the Protector provide abrasion protection and therefore greater durability, it also distributes the load evenly over both leg loops, further improving hanging comfort. Our attention for detail extends to a design which prevents the rope from slipping. The ISPO Outdoor Award for the Protector is proof of Mammut's innovative expertise.

Indicator technology

The Mammut Indicator technology is used in all areas where the harness is subject to particularly strong friction: the upper belay loop and the belay ring. In the case of excessive wear, the contrasting red core shows through, telling the user that the harness needs to be replaced. This represents an additional safety feature.

Gear loops

Gear carried on the gear loops – depending on your chosen discipline, for example, express slings, wedges, hooks, ice screws or belay devices – needs to be easy to find and access. Different types of gear loops are used on the harnesses in the Mammut range: the Zephir and Togir models feature specially shaped gear loops made from high-quality synthetic material. They are designed to ensure that express slings can always be taken from exactly the same place, as the remaining express slings always move up when the first one is removed. A textile solution is used for the Ophir harnesses.

Drop Seat solutions

Drop Seat Zephir / Drop Seat Togir

A range of Drop Seat solutions allow the elastic straps on the leg loops to be quickly and easily undone from the back of the hip belt. A practical feature in the event of a "call of nature" and also ideal to allow you to easily adjust the length of leg loop holder. Different Drop Seat solutions are used in Mammut harnesses, depending on the application: the alpine harnesses in the Togir line feature a click buckle, which is also easy to operate when wearing gloves. While the harnesses in the Zephir and Ophir lines use a metal hook, which is attached to a specially provided loop.

Haul loop

The harnesses in the Togir and Ophir lines are equipped with a haul loop. Located on the back of the harness, this loop is used during multi-pitch climbing, in particular big wall climbing, to pull in the "haul rope". When the lead climber reaches the belay station, he starts to pull in the "haul rope" and the attached equipment (backpack, haul bag, etc.). The haul loops on Mammut harnesses are designed for a load capacity of 5kN. A haul loop is also ideal for securing a chalk bag.

Mammut® Safety Features

Rental operation puts extremely high demands on the safety of a harness. Incorrect use must be eliminated to ensure the highest amount of safety. This was achieved by integrating special safety features into the harnesses of the rental line:

1. Dogbone
The so-called dogbone is a plastic reinforcement at the webbing end. It is dimensioned in a manner that ensures that the strap cannot be threaded through the buckle.

2. Full Strength Gear Loops
The gear loops on the harnesses of the rental line were designed to withhold a load of 12 kN. An additional plus in safety in rental operations.

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