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Jeder Untergrund verlangt eine andere Sohlenstruktur, damit die Trittsicherheit gewährleistet ist. Daher verfügt Mammut über ein grosse Bandbreite an verschiedenen Sohlentypen:

vibram® Teton

  • Light mountaineering sole with medium tread depth
  • Climbing-Zone

vibram® Maton

  • very grippy mountaineering and backpacking sole with medium tread depth
  • Climbing-Zone
  • easy resoling

vibram® MT-Traction II sole

  • backpacking sole with high tread depth
  • PD Cage TPU element integrated in the wedge
  • proven Mammut® Rolling Concept® with flexible ribs

vibram® MT-Traction

  • Backpacking sole with high tread depth
  • Proven Mammut Rolling technology with flexible ribs

vibram® Tec Hiking

  • Technical hiking sole with sharpedged, medium tread depth (Capricorn Grip)
  • Proven Mammut Rolling Concept with flexible ribs
  • Climbing Zone on the tip of the sole

vibram® Scale

  • Multi-directional, mid-height lugs, arranged in a scale formation and self cleaning (Scale technology)
  • Proven Mammut® Rolling Techno­logy with flexible ribs

gripex™ Gecko

  • Hiking soles made from gripex™ BKX rubber mix for the optimal combination of abrasion and adhesion
  • Proven Mammut® Rolling Technology with flexible ribs

vibram® HLX

  • Hiking sole with the Mammut Hexagon tread (Frog Grip)
  • Offers the best traction

gripex™ Cougapproach

  • Approach sole made from gripex™ APX rubber mix for maximum adhesion and good abrasion values.
  • Proven Mammut® Rolling Technology with flexible ribs
  • Structured climbing zone

vibram® Reptilia

  • Treads in claw and rib form
  • Outstanding grip and adherence on mountainous terrain
  • Optimum damping and guidance

gripex IronGrip




  • Sole developed specifically for via ferrata
  • All-round safety and grip concept
  • Flexible ribs and special lugs for increased grip on the via ferrata's iron stemples

gripex™ Sonar

  • Sole developed specially for alpine activities
  • All-round safety and grip concept
  • Flexible ribs and multi-directional lugs

gripex Sonar II




  • Sole developed specifically for alpine activities
  • All-round safety and grip concept Rounded edges and multi-directional lugs
  • Interior sticky rubber blend with high abrasion resistance

gripex™ Iguana sole

  • The new improved version of the very successful Reptilia sole is lighter, faster and more aggressive
  • The lugs are arranged wider apart for efficient self cleaning. Including integrated Climbing Zone
  • PU Shock Absorber, Stone Shield and Kevlar protection

Mammut Runner




  • Multi-directional lugs
  • All-terrain grip
  • Efficient self-cleaning

Mammut® MammuTec

  • Central M cleats for 3D grip.
  • Caterpillar tread for rolling and adherence
  • Braking and impetus ribs

vibram® Cristal

  • Aggressive lug concept specifically designed for snow and ice activities
  • Special winterspecific rubber formula with integrated metal particles (Meteorite Rubber)

Mammut 4by4 traction

  • Sole design for optimal traction in the winter terrain
  • Special rubber mixture for the winter

Mammut® Insulated Carbon Innersole



  • Carbon insole for absolute rigidity
  • maximum weight reduction
  • Double-insulated for optimal insulation

Patented double-insulated carbon insole, offering maximum weight reduction and rigidity combined with optimal insulation.

  • Eiswand GTX

    $ 450.00

  • Pacific Crest GTX Men

    $ 249.00