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Poro Wedge

Extremely light and permanently elastic intermediate sole wedge of compressed Phylon (EVA = Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) with extremely good cushioning properties.

PU Wedge

Extremely robust, durable intermediate sole wedge of PU (Polyurethane) foam with excellent cushioning properties.

PU Shock Absorber

The durable, high-quality PU (polyurethane) cushioning element inserted in the heel end section ensures lasting cushioning and rounded rolling comfort.

EVA Wedge

The lightest intermediate sole material,made of EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) has excellent cushioning properties and is pleasantly soft.

EVA IP Wedge

Made from injection-moulded EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), this wedge material is ultra light, damping, durable and abrasion-resistant.

EVA Superlight Wedge

The EVA Superlight material is even lighter, while still offering the same effective damping properties. The damage-prone outer skin of the EVA is surrounded by a highly abrasion-resistant Kevlar fabric.

TPU Shank

For reinforcement, an inherently stable TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) sole is worked in throughout the sole. For better traction, less fatigue, and support for crampon fitting.

TPU Insert

Improved support of the arch of the foot is guaranteed by the use of an inherently stable TPU
(thermoplastic polyurethane) insert.

Stone Shield

The Stone Shield prevents unpleasant penetration of sharp stones. It is integrated across the entire ball of the foot, between the rubber outer sole and the wedge. It is made of thin-layered, hardened EVA.

Heel Drop

  • the difference in mm between the lower heel level and the lower level of the forefoot

HeelDrop means the measured difference between the lower level of the heel and the lower level of the forefoot. Result out of this: if the drop value is bigger the wedge is higher and thus more cushioning. Lower values create more ground contact and thus better run sensitivity.

  • T Advanced GTX Men

    $ 179.00

  • White Rose GTX Women

    $ 249.00