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Environmentally-friendly operation

In our business and daily work, each individual can contribute to greater environmental awareness and sustainability. In some cases, all it takes is raising awareness, in others greater investment is required. Here is an overview the wide range of actions Mammut has already implemented:

Lighter to the summit
It was under this slogan that all Mammut employees embarked upon a spring clean in April 2010. Virtual and physical ballast was removed and carefully disposed of or recycled. At the company’s head office alone, a total of four large lorries were loaded with rubbish which was then taken for recycling. If printed, the deleted data volume would have filled 10,000 standard binders. The spring clean has now become an annual event.

Environmental analysis
In 2010, Mammut introduced an “eco assessment” considering the main environmental indicators for the Seon site. The medium-term goal is to create an internal environmental management system to continuously monitor and optimise use of resources.

Recycling collection point
All printers have been set up to automatically print on both sides. Mammut collects PET, paper, cardboard, recyclable coffee capsules as well as polyamide waste from our rope production and feeds it back into the recycling process. Intact cardboard boxes, padding and plastic bags can be returned to the warehouse and re-used.
Together with our partner I:CO, we collect all textile waste, boots and climbing harnesses for reuse or recycling.

Energy efficiency
In May 2010, new Dyson hand-dryers were installed in all toilets. As well as saving a lot of paper towels, these fast and hygienic hand-dryers also consume up to 80% less energy than traditional warm air hand-dryers. Mammut’s headquarters have also been fitted with motion detectors to ensure that no lights are left on unnecessarily. This is helping to optimise the energy budget and save valuable resources.

To reduce water consumption, since 2007 all taps at corporate headquarters have been fitted with AquaClic low-flow nozzles. This water saving action was implemented further to the “Schools for energy efficiency” initiative, implemented by Mammut in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow & Avalanche research (SLF), Energiestadt Davos and Landschaft Davos Gemeinde. As part of this project, pupils from the Swiss Alpine Middle School Davos installed more than 1,000 low-flow nozzles, improving the carbon footprint of the winter sports resort by 3%.