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Cartridge Rental Stations

Taking an avalanche airbag with you on a flight always causes problems since the pressure cartridge required for its deployment is classed as a hazardous item. To make the situation easier, Mammut is setting up rental stations for pressure cartridges all over the world.

You can now set off for your mountain vacation without having to worry about transporting your avalanche airbag and pressure cartridge. Simply leave your own pressure cartridge at home, take your Mammut or Snowpulse avalanche backpack with you on the plane and rent the cartridge when you get there.

NOTE: The cartridges rental station is currently only available at selected stores and will be constantly expanded to other locations.

Procedure for renting pressure cartridges:

1. Search for a rental station near your vacation destination. Use our “Rental Store Locator” to search
2. Inform the rental station of your arrival date to allow them to reserve a pressure cartridge for your trip. (for email contact details, see the “Rental Store Locator”)
3. Collect the cartridge from the rental station
4. At the end of your trip, return the cartridge to the rental station

Costs: (RRP, may vary depending on the station)

1-day rental:    €8
3-day rental:    €15
10-day rental:    €30
Deposit:    €100
    €185    (for 207 bar aluminum cartridge)
Additional charge for deployment    €20

Your deposit will be returned when you take the pressure cartridge back to the rental station.

If you deploy the cartridge, an additional cost of €20 (RRP) is charged.

This system applies only for Snowpulse and Mammut avalanche airbags equipped with the Inflation System 2.0. All Mammut avalanche airbags use the Inflation System 2.0.

To find out whether your Snowpulse avalanche airbag has an Inflation System 2.0, check the sticker on the deployment mechanism. (See photos)

Rental and refill stations USA & Canada:

You'll find an overview of the rental and refill stations for the „Cartridge 207 Bar Alu“ in the USA & Canada here.