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ELEMENT Barryvox®

Digital 3-antenna device focusing on the essentials. The Barryvox ELEMENT stands out thanks to its ease-of-use and clear instructions. Its one-button operation and clearly laid out display make the device very user friendly. Guaranteeing fast and precise location. Signal analysis, listing of victims and a marking function are additional details to quickly and reliably tackle even complex situations involving multiple buried victims. The extremely robust housing offers good resistance to impact or breakage.

PULSE Barryvox®

With the PULSE Barryvox®, Mammut is presenting a unique, innovative avalanche transceiver on the market. The PULSE Barryvox® excels with its sophisticated technology and user friendliness. The graphical display, a permanent 360-degree direction arrow, and the transmission of vital data allow for an easy, fast and effective rescue of avalanche victims.


After Ascom launched the emergency transmitter Barryvox S2 for avalanche terrain in close proximity to ski slopes in 1997, a completely new generation of transceivers was developed. In close cooperation with Girsberger Elektronik, the classic analog and the new digital mode (with dual antenna technology) was combined for the first time in a single transceiver. The Barryvox OPTO 3000, apart from its lightness and compactness also set new standards concerning user friendliness. A wide choice of different personal settings allow adaptability to the user's needs and abilities. This successful product is exclusively distributed by Mammut.

Barryvox VS2000

Through a joint venture agreement, Autophon merged with Ascom, a large Swiss telecommunications enterprise. A decision was taken in 1994 to develop a new transceiver. Ascom as the new owner of the Barryvox commissioned Girsberger Elektronik to develop the new beacon, the Barryvox VS 2000. Along with many local and foreign users, the Swiss Army also chose to replace the VS 68 with the Barryvox VS 2000.
On the basis of their outstanding electronic and physical qualities, the analog Barryvox transceivers still enjoy an excellent reputation among civil and professional users. In diverse tests the devices are given referential merit.

Barryvox VS68

The first Barryvox transceiver was commissioned by the Swiss Army in 1968 and developed by the Autophon company. Accompanied by comprehensive field trials, the development of the legendary VS 68 took almost two years. The device, that worked on the newly introduced standard frequency of 457 kHz, established state of the art standards with regard to sturdiness, miniaturization and general performance. The VS 68 soon found civil use, especially among professional groups throughout the world.  The Barryvox VS 68 was produced until 1994. From 1988-1994 as VS 68-2, a modified version recognisable by its orange casing. In total, more than a hundred thousand transceivers have been sold worldwide. In fact the Barryvox VS 68, more than 30 years after its launch is still serviced and spare parts are readily available.