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Removable Airbag System R.A.S.

Mammut avalanche airbag backpacks are designed so that they can be used normally for years, without being deployed once. If there is an actual emergency, they can be deployed with maximum reliability: using a powerful force, the system inflates the buoyancy device within three seconds, even if there is resistance. A 100% proven, mechanical system with a cartridge that is ready to use for years to come provides the reliability that safety-conscious freeriders and ski tourers need.

Complete flexibility

When you buy a Mammut avalanche airbag backpack, you don't just get a product, you get an extremely flexible system. The many different backpacks within a model-series are designed to allow the airbag system to be easily removed or quickly transferred between different models. This means you can add versatility and value by using one airbag system with different packs. You also have a fully operational backpack to use from spring to fall, which saves you money.

No Limits

Until recently, ski tourers often cited weight as an argument for not carrying an airbag backpack. The Mammut airbag system, however, weighs just 1,200 grams including the carbon cartridge. This means that the 30-liter Mammut "Light Removable Airbag" backpack weighs just about 2,240 grams. It is therefore one of the lightest airbag backpacks on the entire market and is only slightly heavier than many normal ski-touring backpacks.

Simple Operation

The Mammut airbag system is designed so that operation is faultless and extremely user-friendly. Screw in the cartridge at home, quickly check the airbag system and fold out the deployment handle before you start – ready for powder! All Mammut airbag cartridges have also been approved for air transport by the International Air Transport Association (IATA)*. Cartridges can also be hired from official Mammut Airbag Cartridge Rental Stations for a small fee. *See special regulations for US/CA on

Ready for use in any conditions

Mammut airbags are based on a simple mechanical system. The pressure cartridge, the energy store of the system, is completely ready for use in any weather and at any temperature.