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Andres Scherrer

"I am like the cairn, I stand on beautiful summits, love good experiences and show people the way back through the mountains."




Prénom: Andres
Nom: Scherrer
Date of birth: 22.08.1975
Home town: Putz

What brought you to mountaineering?
When I was four, my father took me with him up the Sulzfluh for the first time. I breathed the air at the summit and my passion for the mountains began to grow.
Somewhere along the way, after many expeditions, years of climbing and beautiful icy, winter days, I decided to turn my passion and hobby into a career.

Dreams and goals? 
Leading my party safely and efficiently from the summit down to the valley.
Being able to pass on the beauty of the mountains to my own children.

My Top 3


Despite long trips abroad, tough climbing tours and hard days on ice, having a family with three children and a great wife.

Spectacular areas

• 7 expeditions in South America
• 2 expeditions each in Alaska, Norway, Africa and Asia
• With Miss Switzerland on the Matterhorn


• Family
• Hunting
• Cozy evenings with good wine

My Mammut

What Mammut means to me:
A strong and loyal companion on my daily mountain tours.

My Mammut Products:
• Serenity Ropes
• Mamook GTX Shoes
• Comfort Pump Mat

  • 8.7 Serenity