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Steff Siegrist - Pro Team




Date of Birth:  17 December 1972

Own Website (including Facebook or similar):

When did you start climbing:   At the age of 17.

Mammut is…   For the past 15 years Mammut has been a dependable partner. We’ve been through up’s and down’s and many changes together… that’s what good partnerships are made of!

How looks a perfect day in the mountains: The perfect day is achieving a goal you’ve set out for in the mountains with your friends… sunshine, beautiful weather and if possible a basejump on the way down.


Life philosophy / motto:   Better an old alpinist than a dead one!   Hero’s die, but friendships live on …

Favorite product:   Mammut sleeping bags

Bed or Biwak:   My general rule… if the biwak is warm and ‘comfi’ then BIWAK!


Up or down:   Climb up if the way down is also difficult

Cold or warm:   COLD beer… WARM sleeping bag!

Campfire or party:   Party with campfire!

Rock or Plastik:   Rock on!

Muesli or Steak:   I’m Swiss… what do you think!?

Freedom or safety:   Freedom… the safest way possible!

Friend or Bolt:  Friends… especially the ones that invite you for dinner!

Single rope or double rope :   Double rope - You never know whether you might meet a friend

Beer or coffee:  They both have FOAM… tough choice!

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