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Why Alpine Underwear?

Because the mountain climate is extreme

Mountain weather is a law unto itself. This critical factor raises numerous challenges for mountaineers: sudden weather changes, strong winds, intense sunlight, persistent snow falls, wet fog. A mountaineer's body is subject to huge temperature variations. Cold extremities, sweating back. Cooling here, heat build-up there. Each area of the body needs different amounts of warmth or cooling. Mountaineers must cope with constantly changing conditions. Once you have put it on, your first layer of clothing remains on your skin for hours, sometimes even days. Mountaineers therefore need functional underwear that is capable of responding quickly to changes and that feels comfortable to wear. In all weathers and in any situation.

Because the "stop and go" mountaineer is on the move

Mountaineers need to adapt to the terrain. The condition of the path, the steepness and level of difficulty determine how much energy is required for the next step and how quickly you progress. 60% of movements are "stop and go". sweaty walking or climbing interspersed with breaks, during which the body quickly cools down. 40% of movements are "non-stop": consistent effort, during which the body produces a great deal of heat and sweat. Mountaineers need underwear that cools them down during more intensive phases. The same underwear needs to heat them up during breaks. Functional underwear for "stop and go" situations.

Because the rucksack affects body temperature

Mountaineers need an extensive range of equipment; a rucksack and weatherproof clothing are essential. An ergonomically shaped rucksack inevitably creates a problem, because it slows down evaporation on the back. Wet clothing offers poor insulation. A biting wind soon turns heat to icy cold. If the moisture below the rucksack cannot escape quickly enough, it needs to be transported away. Towards the front, where it can evaporate. The solution sounds simple, but it places great requirements on the material and the design of the underwear. Mountaineers are demanding when it comes to clothing. The base layer needs to transport, regulate, heat, cool and dry. The only way to meet this challenge is by intelligently combining materials with different properties.

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