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Outside Mammut – Inside Raichle.

Mammut has been putting on its boots since 2009 and combining its mountain sports know-how with more than 100 years of Raichle boot-making expertise. In a single stroke, Mammut has established itself as a leading footwear brand and a full-service mountain sports supplier.

In recent years, Mammut has invested heavily in development and updated the vast majority of its footwear collection. The result is an array of innovative and attractive highlights, including new sole technologies, the lightest mountaineering and hiking boot designs to be found, and a comprehensive expansion of its range of multi-functional footwear.

Mammut plus Raichle represents maximum quality and innovation. The new formula for success brings together the best of the two companies and is setting new standards in alpine footwear.

Backpacking Technology

Memo Foam
Premium quality foam cushioning which is worked into the instep, shin and ankles of many Mammut® models. The foam has excellent elasticity and returns to its original shape after being subject to intensive loads.
Motion Control®
This patented Mammut® technology is an anatomically shaped heel cap which prevents the foot from twisting outwards by means of a reinforced interior. Handling: semivisible or fully integrated.
gripex IronGrip sole
Optimum braking force and thrust, longitudinal arch, lateral stability, secure grip thanks to flexible ribs: Its profile imitates the concentric patterns created by sonar waves. Special lugs guarantee grip on the via ferrata’s iron stemples.
Base Fit® & Dyneema®
This patented Mammut® technology delivers exceptional power transfer from the lacing section to the sole. The concept is based on free-sliding bands that are anchored to the insole. This results in enhanced safety and freedom from blisters, since the foot cannot slip around inside the boot.
The Mammut® FeetMap
system addresses the very different zones of the foot: those that sweat, that feel the cold and that are pressure-sensitive. Mammut® FeetMap locates cushioning, warming, cooling, slip and non-slip lining materials in all the right places.

Alpine Performance Technology

All Mammut® Alpine Performance footwear has been created using the latest technologies, materials and combinations, together with established and patented techniques. The main criterion is absolute functionality for mountain activities! Including lightness and robustness, as well as support and protection. The result: More safety and fun!

FeetMap and VENtech™
– Lining and padding system
– Takes account of the different areas of the foot
– Less perspiration, exposure to cold, pressure
360 Heel Support
– Three-dimensionally shaped heel element
– Maximum heel support
– Lateral reinforcement against turning
– Abrasion protection
Memo Foam
– Guarantees an individual fit
– Pads the foot on the instep, shinbone and ankle
Base Fit®
– Free-sliding webbing transfers the power from the lacing area to the sole
– Improved support from the shoe
– Enhanced security and comfort
3-Level Hybrid Shell
– Blend of supple inner and tough outer materials
– The stabilizing frame structure is adjusted in three stages
– Enhanced comfort, improved adaptability
Rolling Concept®
– Creates suitable support and damping on specific areas of the foot
– Optimizes natural antiroll behaviour
– Reduces fatigue (danger of twisting the ankle)
– Reduces the weight of the sole
Sonar Technology
– Its profile has been inspired by the concentric patterns formed by spreading sonar waves
– Running in the mountains generates very high braking and thrusting forces in the sole and requires optimal sole edge stability and strength
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