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We will now look at some serious misapplications of Mammut via ferrata sets. This misapplications must be avoided at all costs. However, since it is not possible to list all errors, this information can never replace your own knowledge, training, experience and personal responsibility.

The following applies to all via ferrata sets:

  • Only use the via ferrata set in combination with a hip/chest harness combination that complies with standards and used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • When you are climbing, both carabiners should never be disengaged at the same time.
  • The set's strap and rope components must never be knotted.
  • The set must not be used again after being subject to a fall. Via ferrata sets are non-reusable systems and must be replaced following a fall.
  • The carabiners may only be engaged in the via ferrata's safety rope. For example, the carabiners must not be engaged in the climbing harness.

The following applies to Y systems and energy absorbers:

  • The position of the webbing brake must not be changed, it must not be stowed anywhere (e.g. in your trouser pocket).

The following additionally applies to Y systems equipped with brake ropes:

  • The loose end of the brake rope must be fixed close to the tie-in point and must not be packed other than as described in the manufacturer's information.
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