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Reliable safety, always where required and never in the way – a via ferrata set must fulfill many tasks when one considers the variety of situations and requirements with which it is confronted during a tour.


When the user is moving along the via ferrata, the safety set must always be easy to use but must also permit freedom of movement and never get in the way. Easy-to-use carabiners, compact brake rope packing and clear design features help achieve this goal.


When resting during difficult passages or to take photographs, you can suspend yourself directly in the via ferrata set or in the buckle, thus keeping you agreeably close to the fixing.


Due to the height differences and protruding fixing points, falls should always be avoided during via ferrata tours. When planning a tour, bear in mind: when choosing via ferrata routes, make sure that the level of difficulty is well within your capabilities. Under all circumstances, you should avoid pushing yourself to the limit on a via ferrata tour, since although a via ferrata set will stop you from falling for long distances, a fall in a correctly functioning via ferrata set always involves a high risk of injury. Mammut therefore recommends additional belaying by a partner with a climbing rope for inexperienced adults. Children must also always be secured with a rope from above.