Reinhard Fichtinger

Sleep lab

The first sleep lab at 2,700 metres altitude
60 Mammut employees, from interns to vice presidents, settled in at 2,700 meters altitude, surrounded by ice, wind and snow, to test our newest sleeping bags. Not possible? It is.

The team did their testing in Corvatsch. They snowshoed into the tundra beneath towering Piz Bernina and Piz Roseg in search of brutal winter weather. They found it. At minus 15 degrees, the mood could have gotten chilly. But everyone stayed bright and warm, even after darkness fell. We told them the emphasis should be on sleeping. Nevertheless, some of the team turned night into day. Just as the altitude test was anything but a tired old event, our testers woke up to the comfort that Mammut sleeping bags provide.

The storybook

Detect more.

When 60 employees start the journey into the snow-covered high country with their Altitude sleeping bags it’s a unique photo opportunity. But there’s more to the photo process than just pressing a button. Photographer Röbi Bösch was pretty demanding: "Wait, there’s snow on the rucksack! You back there, where’s your headlamp? Stop, a cloud’s hiding the moon; people lie sideways again! You two back there stop canoodling!"