Reinhard Fichtinger


Mammut is committed to snow safety.
One thing was clear during the safety check at Melchsee-Frutt, the participants should be involved too.

An exciting day with top-class safety workshops awaited them. Including: Stephan Harvey from the Institute for Avalanche Research, tour planning with Mountain Reality and the Mammut safety workshop. During the outdoor avalanche training in the mountains, our four-legged friends demonstrated what they are capable of. As a reward for every dug-up participant, they received a tasty little treat.

Avalanche dog workshop

How long does it take to train a dog?
2 years. When he’s three years old, he’s ready to start work.

How do you motivate the dogs?
The dog is rewarded with a piece of sausage when he fi nds a buried person. He is actually looking for the sausage, not for the person.

What did you pay attention to when you buried people under snow during the testevent?
The person in the hole had to have a radio, a PULSE Barryvox and a shovel in case of any diffi culties.

SLF (Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research) Workshop

What is the most important aspect when assessing a slope?
To follow the so-called 3x3 method:

1. Preparation using the avalanche bulletin (
2. Local assessment of weather and risks.
3. Assessing for each individual slope: how steep is it; where could I trigger an avalanche; can I use suitable tactics to reduce the avalanche risk?

Remember: the best protection from avalanches is to avoid triggering them in the fi rst place!

When does it become dangerous?
Fresh snow, strong winds and high temperatures generally increase the avalanche risk. Also, the steeper the slope, the greater the danger!

Tour planning workshop

What does snow safety mean?
Being properly prepared. From the terrain, the choice of route to the correct equipment – safety does not start in the mountains, but rather in your own living room.

Some people feel safe because they are carrying their PULSE Barryvox.
A PULSE Barryvox is not a talisman that protects you from avalanches. In an emergency it is essential for survival, but ideally you should never be caught in such a situation in the first place.

PULSE Barryvox® workshop

What do you need to remember when using the Barryvox?
To work calmly and deliberately. All searchers must first switch to “search” before they start.

Should everyone search at the same time?
It is better if just a few people search while the others are ready to start shoveling. Shoveling takes a lot of time and effort.

What does snow safety mean to you?
Training with the equipment and of course carrying it with me. However, the most important thing is saying “No” at the right time, no matter how tantalizing the slope is.