Robert Boesch

Safety check

3 – 2 – 1 – Safety Check
Mountain safety is a topic that concerns us all. Freeriders from all over the world gathered for the great freeride event under the motto “Snow Safety” in order to test the new Mammut snow collection. More than 4000 applicants wanted to test the functionality of the jackets and improve their safety expertize at the same time. Unfortunately, only 200 were able to participate. Amir Fazlic from Bosnia belonged to the lucky ones: “It’s cool to see just how much fun this kind of safety training can be!”

Experience snow safety. The program was packed as full as an expedition backpack. With workshops, competitions and presentations, and the active involvement of all participants. As soon as photographer Röbi Bösch is ready, 200 freeriders tear down the hill, but the light isn’t quite right yet. Everyone back up again. OK, second attempt. Great – picture captured. Let’s call it a day! Everyone has earned the fi re-roasted meat and vegetable skewers and fondues. Simon, the fi re artist, presents his show and “No way out” rock the tent. Drinks are served at the igloo bar and Röbi shows pictures of a world tour to the applause of the crowd. What a day. What a night.