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Packs expert circle

The Vertical Packs Expert Circle
Mammut declared a backpack revolution with the revamping of the entire backpack range. Before the new look backpacks went on sale, they were put through their paces in a series of tests that considered every last buckle and strap. The testers were an international circle of backpack experts, made up of Mammut dealers from Japan, the USA, Norway, Italy and many other countries. A succession of tests and workshops took place over a period of two days, until all participants agreed: wherever you plan to go, you’re sure to fi nd the perfect backpack in the new range.

Every revolution has an aim
The guiding aim of the product professionals, movement scientists and top mountaineers in the Mammut team was: pure focus. Concentrating on the essentials. Developing, improving and reducing, until only the very best remains. Since a product is only perfect when it is not possible to leave anything else out. To check whether the new backpack collection had achieved this aim, Mammut dealers put it through its paces at the testevent. At the end of two days of testing, Christian Oester from Oester Sport in Adelboden summed it up best: “There are very few frills. You’ve focused on the essentials!”. All the more reason to relax on the second day and hang out together. But not in the hut, out on a photo shoot on the cliff face with Röbi Bösch. Even Mammut CEO Rolf Schmid was there.

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