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Sponsoring guidelines

Mammut is concentrating its sponsoring activities on athletes, partnerships and projects in our main fields of alpinism and climbing. In the snow sports area, we are focusing on freeride. Unfortunately, activities outside the aforementioned areas cannot be considered.

Please send sponsoring applications to the following address:

Mammut Sports Group inc.
135 Northside Drive
US - VT 05482

A complete sponsoring application contains:

  • Information about the athlete or project (including photos)
  • A covering letter
  • Activities to date, results and media coverage
  • Information on what you can/will do for Mammut
  • Short and long-term goals
  • What do you expect from Mammut?
  • Current sponsors
  • Copies of relevant press clippings

Sponsoring approach

Our sponsoring commitments are:

  • Authentic/credible: we support only mountain sports and climbing initiatives that convey the “Absolute Alpine” attitude.
  • Broadly based: we seek worldwide commitments at the top levels of performance.
  • High quality/safety: in line with our products and marketing positioning, we support only professionally managed projects.
  • Innovative/inspiring: in our communications approach we seek out all that is new and previously unseen, in sponsoring too we set new trends and inspire.
  • Forward-looking: we are not searching for a one-off deal, our commitments are long term. We urge our sponsoring partners to approach their commitments in an ecologically and socially sustainable manner.
  • Integrated: all individual sponsoring actions are coordinated and are part of the overall marketing mix.
  • Our sponsoring commitments significantly strengthen Mammut's communications strategy and consequently the corporate success of the Mammut Sports Group.

Please keep in mind that there are many interesting projects and athletes and our teams are more or less full. That's why we can support only a small group of applicants. We thank you for your understanding.

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