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What standards apply?

International standards guarantee that only safe equipment can be sold. Our webbings and all our stitched slings comply with the relevant EU standards and the stricter UIAA standards, they even exceed most of these requirements. What do the different standards and symbols stand for?

Standard requirements:

Two standards apply to slings. EN 565 for webbing and EN 566 for stitched slings.


EN 565 for webbing specifies a breaking load indicator using coloured tracer threads (5 kN per coloured tracer thread) in the middle of the tape, regardless of the width and thickness of the webbing, to provide a clearer overview. The minimum tear strength for webbing is 5 kN. We supply traditional webbing by the metre or in stitched form as express slings. The UIAA standard also specifies that webbing sold by the metre should be delivered as a complete item and stored as such (not cut into pieces).


Stitched slings must comply with EN 566. Regardless of width, length and shape, the standard specifies a minimum tear strength of 22 kN. The seam must be in a contrasting colour to make it easier to identify any possible abrasion or other damage.

CE-Conformity Symbol

This symbol shows that the manufacturer recognizes his own responsibility; it is not a quality symbol, but rather a type of passport for that product within the European Union. It means that the EN standards for product security are maintained. The number after the CE symbol (e.g. CE 1023) indicates the batch number or the standard/directive.


The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) combines the united world-wide national normative organizations. The ISO Norm 9001 defines overall process rules for Quality Management. They maintain the continuous quality of products and services. Certifying is conducted by an external body for example the B.S.I.


This symbol appears on products that meet the requirements of the UIAA standard. For decades, the UIAA, the international mountaineering and climbing federation, has been a frontrunner and pioneer in the development of practical standards. UIAA standards are therefore usually stricter than the European standards. All Mammut slings comply with the latest UIAA requirements.

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