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Types of fibre

Fibre mix

We use a range of fibres for our MTI™ fillings, each offering different properties in terms of insulation, compressibility and stability. Varying combinations and mix ratios allow us to tailor the fillings to suit different applications and requirements.

Microfibre is almost like "imitation down" and, just like down, it serves to trap air in the sleeping bag, provides a soft feel and its thinness ensures good compressibility.

4/7-hole hollow fibre:
This slightly stronger fibre is extremely robust, which makes the filling durable and ensures lasting stability, even after the sleeping bag has been compressed many times.
7-hole hollow fibre is even more stable and of a higher quality than 4-hole hollow fibre,

Spiral fibre:
this fibre has the shape of a feather, which ensures optimal cohesion of the microfibres and gives the sleeping bag additional loft.

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