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Where the difference lies

It’s not only «Swiss quality» and one hundred percent dependability over a long life span which sets our ropes apart. Our research engineers are continually developing innovative solutions that make Mammut ropes «State of the Art», and which have earned us many awards in neutral tests in the past.

Rope Ends

Due to the movement caused by usage, the rope sheath and core slip relative to each other (sheath slippage). This becomes a real problem when they separate at the end of the rope and fraying occurs. This doesn’t happen to Mammut ropes. We weld the ends of our ropes with an ultra sonic process which is permanent and perfect. The rope core and sheath are therefore permanently joined – forever.

Middle Marking

All dynamic ropes from Mammut come with a friction resistant, coloured, middle marking. In choosing a process we made sure that a dye was used that wouldn’t weaken either the sheath or the core filaments.


A permanent mark in the middle of the rope is useful when rappelling, coiling, and for estimating the length of the remaining rope. Tape markings can get worn away through usage and can complicate handling, for example when using a prusik loop to secure yourself whilst rappelling. Marking with a marker pen, to replace a lost marking tape can chemically damage the rope filaments. With the patented Mammut Duodess design the pattern changes in the middle of the rope. The rope halves are always clearly distinguishable and the marking is permanent, without interfering with handling


Anyone buying a Mammut rope gets proven quality. Each of our ropes contains a ribbon with the most important rope data integrated in the rope’s core: manufacturer, testing standards, date of manufacture, UIAA certificate and CE test centre – a permanent reminder of high quality Swiss workmanship.

Rope Length

Due to the manufacturing process every «Kernmantle» rope shrinks from use. Depending upon weather (heat, moisture), environment (dust, sand) and type of usage (lead rope, top rope), it’s possible for a rope to shrink by 5-10%. In order to guarantee the advertised rope length we cut our ropes 2,5% longer than indicated.

Sheath Proportion

Frequent top roping, gym use, and working routes leads to increased sheath friction, and quicker wearing of the rope. For such applications we offer a rope with an increased sheath proportion. With normal ropes the weight of the sheath, in comparison to that of the core, is 35-45%. Our friction resistant, extreme performance ropes have at least a 45% sheath proportion and therefore, clearly a longer life span.

  • 8.5 Genesis

    $ 199.95

  • 10.2 Supersafe Evo

    $ 269.95