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Mammut Original

What is Mammut Original?
Mammut's high-quality mountain sports equipment is designed to ensure comprehensive safety in the alpine world. To allow you to be absolutely sure that your product actually meets Mammut’s high quality standards, it has been protected from counterfeiting by means of a separate label with a Holospot and a unique code.

Which products have the Mammut holospot?
Currently, products of the Eiger Extreme collection and Peak collection are equipped with the anti-counterfeiting label.

How is your Mammut product protected from counterfeiting?
Your new Mammut product is protected by a so-called “Holospot” including a unique code on a separate label. Two security measures ensure protection from reproductions.  The Holospot has the following security levels:

Open information

Visual check:
Shimmering logo and serial number

Semi-hidden information

Check using a magnifying glass:
Repetition of the serial number in very small text

How it works


The Mammut product you have purchased is equipped with a small label containing a Holospot on which a code can be seen. Please register your new Mammut product as described below and check that it is a genuine article:

  1. Find the personal code on the label (generally next to the care label)
  2. Select the registration form according to the product line purchased (see the column on the right)
  3. Register and become part of the Mammut community

Check your code now

  • Mammut Original

    Check here to make sure that your new Mammut product has a certificate of authenticity.

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