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Construction of a climbing harness

Modern climbing harnesses are based on different constructions. Once again, Mammut is a trailblazer in development and its Togir and Ophir lines have introduced the innovative two-part webbing construction to the world of climbing harnesses: thanks to the two-part strap passage, the pressure is distributed evenly over the area of the hip belt and leg loops. The result is a whole new level of comfort, combined with a light weight. The high-end harnesses in the Zephir line are taking the basic idea behind this technology in terms of weight and comfort to a whole new level, with split webbing technology (patent applied for).

The small details also create a distinction between different harnesses: high-quality climbing harnesses incorporate a range of small but functional details, which have been fine-tuned during extensive development and practical tests. These details reflect the combined experience of our alpine and climbing professionals.

Mammut Realization Shorts and Pants

The Mammut Realization Pants and Shorts are the first climbing pants/shorts with a fully integrated climbing harness. The patented Mammut Split Webbing gives the Realization Pants and Shorts their load-bearing structure. This is integrated in the waistband, with the leg loops stitched into light inner pants/shorts separate from the pants/shorts. The highlight is a single split webbing which integrates three split areas so that there is one split area in each leg loop and one in the hip belt. This ensures even distribution of force and therefore maximum comfort. This design also offers enormous freedom of movement.

Mammut Zephir- und Togir- Linie: Split Webbing Technologie

Mammut’s extensive experience in strap design was incorporated into the development of the harnesses for the Zephir and Togir line. A new and innovative strap was developed specifically for this high-end harnesses: the patent-pending Split Webbing. By means of a complex and innovative webbing process it was possible to split the strap into two straps. This saves weight and allows for a unique harness design.

The strap passage of the Split Webbing allows for even pressure distribution across the whole width of the hip belt and the leg loops. This provides maximum comfort, light weight and maximum freedom of movement.

For the harnesses in the Zephir line, the Split Webbing technology is combined with the use of very breathable materials, such as perforated padded foams and mesh fabrics:

The large ventilation openings in the split area of the webbing and the use of particularly breathable materials make the Zephir harnesses very breathable combined with a very light weight.

For the harnesses in the Togir range, the two-part webbing construction is combined with a laminating technology. The result is a very flat harness design, making the Togir harnesses very non-obtrusive. In the case of the harnesses in the Ophir line, the focus is on breathability and the laminating technology is therefore not used. Instead, the Ophir harnesses have large ventilation openings between the two webbing sections.

Mammut two-part webbing construction

The harnesses in the Togir and Ophir lines feature the proven Mammut two-part webbing construction. In contrast to the Split Webbing technology, a support band is sewn in with the webbing.

The all-round harnesses in the Ophir line focus on comfort and breathability: they feature large ventilation openings between the two webbing sections to ensure the ideal body temperature.

The generous long openings between the two webbing sections and the choice of particularly breathable materials, such as perforated padded foam and mesh fabrics, ensure pleasant breathability.

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