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Waterproof Construction

  • Water resistance through the microporous PU membrane
  • all seams are taped

The WaterProof construction of Mammut® granted waterproofness, breathability and durability. As a result, the feet remain dry and pleasantly air-conditioned. All seams on the inside membrane socks are tape welded.


  • Lining and padding system
  • Takes account of the different areas of the foot
  • Less perspiration, exposure to cold, pressure

The Mammut® FeetMap System addresses the very different zones of the foot: those that sweat, that feel the cold and that are pressure-sensitive. Mammut® FeetMap locates cushioning, warming, cooling, slip and nonslip lining materials in all the right places.

Memo Foam

Logo Memo Foam
  • Guarantees an individual fit
  • Pads the foot on the instep, shinbone and ankle

Premium quality foam cushioning which is worked into the instep, shin, and ankles of many Mammut models. The foam has excellent elasticity and returns to its original shape after being subject to intensive loads.

Base Fit®

  • Free-sliding webbing transfers the power from the lacing area to the sole
  • Improved support from the shoe
  • Enhanced security and comfort

This patented Mammut® technology delivers exceptional power transfer from the lacing section to the sole. The concept is based on free-sliding bands that are anchored to the insole. This results in enhanced safety and freedom from blisters, since the foot cannot slip around inside the boot.

  • Pacific Crest GTX Men

    $ 249.00

  • White Rose GTX Women

    $ 249.00

  • T Aenergy GTX Men

    $ 199.00