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The Smart safety device has been specially designed to meet the needs of the constantly growing group of indoor and sport climbers. It dynamically brakes the climber in an accidental fall, and locks even at low levels of force exerted by the user. The Smart therefore actively supports the braking effect in the event of a fall. However, the Smart is not a semi-automatic belay. In other words, despite the active braking force support, the braking hand must remain on the rope at all times. But in situations where the user has a sudden shock, the function corresponds to the reflex movements of the human body. Suitable for all current HMS carabiners and simple ropes from 8.9 to 10.5 mm in diameter.

How you use the Smart right?

Smart Alpine

The alpine version of the award-winning Smart. The Smart Alpine is available in two versions, one for use with rope diameters from 7.5 to 9.5 mm (Smart Alpine 7.5 – 9.5 silver red) and the other for rope diameters from 8.9 to 10.5 mm (Smart Alpine 8.9 – 10.5 black red). Both versions of the Smart Alpine can be used with either single or double ropes, in the appropriate rope diameters for each version. The Smart Alpine is therefore the ideal belay for all alpine activities on rock and ice. When it comes to belaying, the Smart Alpine offers the same excellent qualities as the Smart: dynamic braking of the climber in an accidental fall, and locking of the rope even at low levels of force exerted by the user. The Smart Alpine can also be used to independently belay one or two second climbers in an autolocking mode from the fixed point. The device is also ideal for abseiling.

How you use the Smart Alpine right?

Crag Light Belay and Wall Alpine Belay

The Crag Light Belay and Wall Alpine Belay belay devices operate according to the well-known tube principle. Both belay devices are suitable for rope diameters ranging between 7.5 and 10.5 mm. The "Labyrinth" V-shaped grooves permit the controlled retention of drops and feeds even at low manual force.
The Wall Alpine Belay is differentiated from the Crag Light Belay by two additional eyes on the "body". These eyes make the Wall Alpine Belay suitable for use on alpine tours and for a variety of applications at the belay station. Smooth belaying of one or two second climbers from the belay station in autolocking mode (in case the second climber falls) is possible as well as controlled lowering.
Both belay devices are ideal for double-rope rappelling.

How you use the Crag Light right?

How you use the Wall Alpine right?

Bionic 8

Beam technology has made it possible to design on of the lightest belaying devices in the world, without any loss in performance. The optimised size/weight ratio and the large carabiner opening, which also enables use with thin ropes, makes the Bionic 8 the ideal all-rounder.

Wall 8

Tried and tested safety device in a classic design, the Wall 8 is noted for its functionality when securing and abseiling with twin, half and single ropes of every diameter. Its low weight makes it a pleasant companion in all situations.


The RescYou is an innovative rescue device in the event of a fall into a crevasse. It can be used to rescue yourself or other climbers. After braking a fall into a crevasse, the device is attached to the climbing harness (self-rescue) or a fixing point (rescue of another person). After this, the two rope clamps are clipped to the rope and the compact six-fold pulley, which connects the two rope clamps, is operated. This allows the person who has fallen into the crevasse to be rescued as quickly and easily as possible. The RescYou eliminates the need for complicated installations and maneuvers in the event of a crevasse rescue, making this groundbreaking device an essential piece of equipment on any glacier expedition.

  • Smart Alpine 7.5 - 9.5

    $ 49.95

  • Smart Alpine 8.9 - 10.5

    $ 49.95

  • Crag Light Belay

  • Wall Alpine Belay

    $ 24.95

  • Bionic 8

    $ 17.95

  • Wall 8

    $ 14.95

  • RescYou

    $ 124.95

  • Smart