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Backpacks designed for women

For women

Differences in male and female body shapes make specific women’s models an essential requirement.

For short tours carrying a small backpack, a unisex backpack may still be acceptable for a woman. However, for longer day trips or if carrying more than a few kilos, a woman’s backpack is strongly recommended. Every additional kilo of load clearly illustrates the anatomical differences between men and women in the form of discomfort.

Since women’s backs are generally shorter than men’s, the back length of the suspension systems in the women’s models is shorter. The shoulder straps are narrower and are shaped around the chest. In contrast to the unisex or men’s models, in the women’s versions this helps to prevent pressure points on the shoulders and chest area. The straps are also closer together to ensure that they sit securely on the shoulders and cannot slip to the sides. Last but not least, the hip belt has a distinctive bevelled shape, tailored to women’s narrow waists.

  • Hera Light

    $ 259.95

  • Crea Light

    $ 179.95