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Maintenance, Storage, Cleaning and Service Life

After an Avalanche
An avalanche can cause damage to the Mammut avalanche backpack due to the tremendous forces involved. It is essential to have the system inspected and serviced following its deployment in an avalanche. All the air-bearing components must be checked for pressure-tightness, and a careful visual inspection carried out on all other components, including the trigger mechanism, valve, handle and cable, and airbag fastening points on the bag and the backpack. Since some damage is not visible, we recommend taking the airbag system to a specialist dealer. The dealer will arrange for maintenance of the airbag or you can contact our customer service department.

Regular Checks:

Your Mammut avalanche backpack requires no maintenance provided the following points are observed.

  • Unfold (do not inflate) the airbag before the new season starts or at least once a year or after the backpack has been exposed to moisture / wet weather. Check its condition, allow it to dry and fold it back together again.
  • Pack the airbag away only when it is completely dry.
  • Once a year, carry out a test deployment without inflating the airbag. This involves removing the cartridge from the system and testing the triggering mechanism using the handle.
  • Prior to every tour, check all the points described in the Quick Start Manual and inspect the condition of the system’s safety straps and fastenings.

Service following 20 deployments
Your Mammut avalanche backpack is designed to withstand 20 inflations and 40 practice/test triggers not involving inflation. Take the avalanche airbag to your specialist dealer or contact our customer service department.


  • Store your Mammut avalanche backpack in a cool, dry environment.
  • The cartridge can be left attached to the system, though we recommend detaching it if storing the backpack for long. Always screw the protective cap onto the cartridge when detached, and keep the latter in its original packaging.
  • For safety reasons, keep the backpack and cartridge out of the reach of children.

Cleaning and Service Life:

Use only water (no cleaning products!) to clean the backpack. Ensure that the entire product is dry before using it again to avoid the risk of icing.

Service life
Provided the product is serviced as recommended and it is not subjected to undue wear and tear, it should give a service life of 10 years. The cartridges are also designed to have a service life of 10 years.

Other instructions regarding use:

Fastening the Safety Straps prior to use
Full use must be made of the various safety straps (shoulder harness, hip belt; chest strap and leg loop) every time the Mammut avalanche backpack is worn. These safety straps prevent the backpack from being ripped from the wearer in the event of an avalanche. The straps can be adjusted to suit the wearer.

Use of a hydration system with the avalanche air bag
If using a hydration system at the same time as the air bag system, do not attach the hydration pipe to the same shoulder strap as the deployment handle /cable. If the avalanche backpack does not contain the air bag system, either shoulder strap can be used for the hydration pipe.

Carrying Skis or a Snowboard / packing the Backpack
The Mammut avalanche backpack provides a variety of ways of carrying personal effects and equipment. Check that the airbag opening is kept free at all times. Skis can be attached to the sides of the pack, although this is not recommended. The sharp tips/edges of icepicks, ski poles and similar must be covered with protective caps.