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Airbag does not inflate fully.

  • Venturi valve blocked? Check that nothing is impeding the intake of air by the venturi valve.
  • Cartridge insufficiently charged? Always check it is full prior to every tour (see Quick Start Manual).
  • The mesh bag’s red-red zip (airbagbackpack) must be fully closed.
  • Check that you have covered all the points in the Quick Start Manual and that the airbag system is correctly fastened to the backpack.
  • Still in doubt? Check with your dealer.

Airbag fails to inflate when deployed.

  • Check that the handle cable is connected to the triggering mechanism and that the fastening points are in good condition.
  • Is the cartridge fully charged?
  • Check that the cartridge is correctly connected to the triggering mechanism.

Cartridge pressure incorrect.

  • Have you weighed the cartridge or checked the gauge at room temperature (20°C / 68°F)?
  • The working pressure changes according to the ambient temperature – this is normal. The important thing is that the pressure should be correct at 20°C / 68°F (see Quick Start Manual).
  • Still in doubt? Check with your dealer.