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As well as GORE-TEX® membranes, Mammut uses its own DRYtech™ laminates for its hard shells. Water resistance and breathability are the key properties of both these materials. Adverse weather conditions are no longer a barrier.

Since 1978, the GORE-TEX® membranes produced by the company Gore® have guaranteed 100% water resistance. Its experience and continuously updated technologies and solutions make Gore® an important partner for Mammut.

The microporous Gore® membranes evacuate perspiration away from the body in the form of vapour. The membrane does not absorb water (hydrophobic). The advantage of GORE-TEX® is that it is breathable even in the initial stages of activity, when the body starts to perspire.

DRYtech Premium™ is our absolute top quality to meet the most exacting demands: One hundred percent reliable protection against wind, snow and rain with even better breathability.

  • Absolute windproof and waterproof quality
  • The very best in breathability
  • Enhanced strength
  • Reliable protection against the elements in all situations
  • For mountaineers who need total confidence in their clothing

DRYtech™ is our windproof and waterproof quality which provides permanent protection from rain, snow, wind and weather. What is more, the high quality and performance of the materials make these products extremely comfortable to wear.

  • Windproof and waterproof quality
  • Good breathability
  • Reliable protection against rain and snow
  • The ideal clothing for all outdoor activities

DRYtech™'s breathability is the result of the membrane's hydrophilic properties. The membrane absorbs and locks in perspiration (like a sponge). When it becomes full, the moisture is evacuated away from the body.

Construction of DRYtech™

1st layer
Ultra-thin, non-porous membrane for water-resistance and breathability.

2nd layer
Adhesive layer, boosts endurance when perspiration and external moisture come together.

3rd layer
Water-repellent base fabric that reinforces the garment's high performance.