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Go Dry Technology

Why Go Dry?

Because constant activity develops much moisture.
Because the moisture will dry quickly.
Because the body can not overheat.


POLYTECH contains a sophisticated waffle structure designed to immediately draw moisture to the outer surface. The result is optimal moisture transport and a fast drying time for this lightweight material, as well as high elasticity combined with a very comfortable feel. Polytech therefore guarantees a feeling of wellbeing.


During constant activity, the body quickly heats up and begins to sweat to varying degrees. The resulting moisture must be transported to the outer surface of the garment and dried as quickly as possible. This can help to avoid any unpleasant sensation of wetness or even chilling during rest phases and maintain a high level of comfort.

The body sweats

100 % microfiber provides maximum moisture wicking and fast drying.

The body feels well

Suitable for all light to high intensity sports. Perfect moisture management 365 days a year.

Perfect Moisture Management

  • Go Dry Longsleeve Men

    $ 55.00

  • Go Dry Longsleeve Women

    $ 55.00

  • Go Dry Pants Long Men

    $ 55.00