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The best of both worlds

SYMBITECH is the clever combination of natural and artificial fibers with body mapping in the first layer. The result is three independent fabrics that are optimized for the different requirements of the various body zones. Finest merino wool and top grade polyester microfiber guarantee an ideal body climate at all areas of the body, in every situation.

Merino wool

Merino wool is the highest quality and finest sheep's wool. It is warmer and softer than traditional wool, does not scratch and naturally prevents the build up of odours. Merino wool can store up to 30% of its own weight in moisture while still feeling pleasant. At maximum exertion, it quickly removes moisture from the skin's surface, continuously moving it outwards without cooling the body down too much and losing valuable energy. Merino wool is breathable and helps to continuously balance the body's temperature.

Micropolyester filament thread

Micro-fibres quickly transport moisture while absorbing virtually no water. This fast-drying fabric is light, soft and flexible, hard-wearing and low maintenance. The micro-fibres are also equipped with innovative, antimicrobial silver-ion technology, to effectively and continuously prevent the build up of odours.

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