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Body climate

The human body consists of different temperature zones which react differently to sporting effort, heat and cold. While some areas cool down quickly (e.g. the arms, thighs, knees and calves), others (e.g. the head and upper body) rapidly produce superfluous warmth. The body therefore needs to regulate the different temperature zones individually to maintain its normal temperature of 36.5 °C.

The body sweats

The body sweats to avoid overheating. However, if moisture remains on the skin, this wet sensation can rapidly turn to cold. The more a sweating body is exposed to wind and elements, the faster it cools down.

The body gets cold

Exposed body parts and areas with a low proportion of warming muscle tissue quickly cool down. Too much evaporation here results in an unpleasant, shivery feeling. After just a short time, the body's efficiency is reduced. Temperature zones and sensitivity to temperature differ between women and men. Women have a greater need for heat and "bodymapping" needs to be tailored to the female body.

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